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1000 – Athens Area Humane Society

1001 – American Red Cross of Athens

1002 – Common Ground Athens

1005 – Athens Area Habitat for

1006 – Athens Justice Project

1008 – United Way of Northeast

1009 – Nuci’s Space

Eco Wash Express Carwash Charity Codes

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Eco Wash Express Carwash Charity Codes

Welcome to Eco Wash Express!!

Drive in today to experience the Eco Wash Express Car Wash difference – your car will thank you!

The Eco Wash Express Difference

recycle Giving Back to the Community
recycle Giving Back to the Environment
recycle Eco-Friendly Chemicals (No Volatile Organic Compounds)
recycle Friendly, Funny and Professional Staff
recycle Recycled Water
recycle Recycling Bins for Glass, Paper, and Plastic

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Earn $$$$ for your Charity Drive – The Eco Wash Express Charity Program
Eco Wash Express knows it isn't easy for charities to find supporters, so we've worked with local non-profits to create an easy way for your charity to earn money, year after year. The “Eco Wash Express Charity Program” delivers quarterly checks to your organization based on how often your “Fans” visit Eco Wash Express.

the automated payment cashierHow It Works

  • When a customer comes to Eco Wash Express, the automated payment cashier asks for a Charity Code.
  • The customer selects his Express Wash.
  • Each quarter, Ecowash totals your Charity Wash Codes and sends your organization a check using the following schedule:
Wash Once/Month Wash Once/Month Wash Twice/Month Wash Twice/Month
FANS Quarterly Check Annual Check Quarterly Check Annual Check
20 $30 $120 $60 $240
50 $75 $300 $150 $600
200 $300 $1,200 $600 $2,400
500 $750 $3,000 $1,500 $6,000

In addition, you will receive 5% off Gift Certificates sold using your Code.

What Are Fans?
Fans are customers who enter your Charity Code. They could be existing supporters of your organization or other Ecowash Express customers who see your charity listed and decide to support it. This is an easy way to find new supporters. Ecowash Express features a different local charity each month, and we list every charity at each payment station.

How Do You Get Fans?
Send your supporters Charity Cards (business card size) that we will produce. The Charity Cards explain the program and includes your Charity Code. We charge a small fee for the cards, but we've seen a very high rate of return on the program. When people have something tangible in their hands, they are much more likely to use it because they will understand the program. You can also send your supporters an email to explain the program and/or announce it at your fundraisers and other events.

Manager: Matt BeckerWhy Would Your Supporters Choose Eco Wash Express?
We all get our cars washed at some point in time. Great service, value, and a clean location are typically important to our customers. Matt Becker and our team strive every day to provide unbeatable customer service. Eco Wash Express knows how busy you are, so we complete our services in a very timely manner.

Sign Up Today to Get Your Charity Approved
Eco Wash Express welcomes all Non-Profit Organizations that serve this community. Please fill out the information below and we will contact you in the next 48 hours. Once your organization is approved, we will mail you further promotional information that will help you launch this program and build a large Ecowash Express Fan base.

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